At Terradare we combine technology and people processes to help businesses grow! 

Our goal is to understand your business and work flow so that we can re-use the processes that work yet optimize them using scale-able technology and tailored systems.

Terradare Winning Combination

We want to make sure your challenges are addressed and your goals are achieved with the help of technology, training and support.

Every business is unique and so are our services, however, some of the Terradare standards are:

  • Dedicated Project Manager and Implementation Specialists

  • Setup and configuration of systems

  • Planning meetings

  • Project plans

  • Regular status updates

  • Project summary reports

Extras include

  • Online or live classroom training

  • 30 days post-launch support services

  • Ongoing support services



Why choose us?

We take the time to get to know your business, your team and how you like to work. With that in mind, we seamlessly integrate automation into your existing workflow to optimize your business systems and help your organization grow.

Choose Terradare Experts


Our Process

Our approach to projects is simpleā€¦

We like to start with meeting with you and your team either in-person or virtually to

  1. understand the challenge(s) being faced;

  2. understand the goal or outcomes once the challenge is addressed; and

  3. understand your short- and long-term plans for the business or business unit.

With that information in hand, we will present you with a solution aligned to your plans and your business and a total cost for service with no hidden fees.

Once the solution is accepted, our team will get to work:

  1. prepare your project plan

  2. begin implementation

  3. prepare your team for launch with training

  4. provide ongoing support

To get started, submit your request to schedule a phone call with us.